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04 Sep 2014

Woman such as flower, flower like a dream. As a woman, have strong endurance, elegant dust, fewer not pleasant aroma, elegant poem. Ying Ying ran on time dance, painting in the bustling place, free and easy to bloom in the years beyond, beautiful and picturesque The twin flowers.

The years, always has the vicissitudes of life; earthly fireworks, there will always be. They are Ann Shou Qing Ji, don't dye dust, and the peer, and happy in hand, perception of the sun and rain and fresh, like Akiba Yukishizumi, will be good planting heart, with a Thanksgiving heart, walking in the world. Chaoyang, holding a wisp of years of warm and fragrant; the setting sun, sunset beautiful arms, through the seasons of the year, had gone their own landscape, let flower bloom, in white years attitude to bloom the most beautiful How many tomorrow.

Love this woman, not Mei young, elegant tranquil, with graceful of potential, only read while floating an warm, with a flower of bright, showing the true self in the water of the time. As the wind smiling plum branches, a proud Bingqing, stand in the years to come, a light fragrance of choroid, bypassing the downtown earth. Ice and snow in the forest, the fragrance is not decreased, time waterfront, subtle fragrance floating. Looking forward to a relationship, with the moment of encounter, with life time to wait, after the snow still infatuation does not change. In his own life, interpreting life with bear strong; beautiful interpretation of life in bloom. Any time, I self clean Enron, make simple existed in the past, many have bright future, if water Yan, walking in the world Losing weight is not easy.

There is a woman, they look small and delicate fragrance, pure static, shyness, temperament gentle, lovable but exquisite, they inherently gentle, the tenderness of stone, the sincere irrigable desert lined. They are gentle, considerate, in subtle give you touched, little by little to give you warmth, because one knows. Although they look weak, but have their own opinion, inside contains a strong, do not swim, they whisper, but avoid leaning to either side, leading to the heart, such as trickle, not very touching, but innumerable twists and turns, if not language, also if the orchid in the elegant, pure clear world, qiaoxiaoyanran The night Speechless.

Woman, gentle, kind-hearted, also must have a pride, the pride of knowledge, from experience, from the days and months multiplying precipitation, is heartfelt confidence. A woman, whether you are fresh, elegant, or beautiful, mediocre, must have a "if I bloom, breeze from the" elegant and calm, to myself, to deduce this world is not the same. With the heart, to feel the most beautiful voice, with a warm, to adorn the life journey scenery, even can't do that one hundred thousand red in the most beautiful, but also to be in my laugh the most splendid one.

The most beautiful and confident woman, their independent personality, behavior of calm, and love of life, gratitude for life, life wisdom, all from the strong heart. "The abdomen with gas from Chinese poetry and literature", confident woman inadvertently distributed elegant charm, and every twinkle and smile of elegant fragrance, both intellectually mature woman, also have small and gentle woman, sending out the infinite charm. They learned to tolerance and understanding, know how to give life space, with thanksgiving nourish life, happy life with infection, factors such as Jane, smile, because the hearts of the beautiful. Their enthusiasm but does not make widely known, but not the kind of tranquil nothingness, precipitation time and passion of life, all show a life experience and free and easy. Perhaps can face old, confident woman is the most beautiful makeup, it will with the passage of time and more charm, confident woman life is not old scenery.

Like a commoner women behavior, exudes a faint fragrance, do not like publicity, don't love sound, only in their own half Mu Hua Tian, clean, elegant, elegant woman is.

Elegant woman likes quiet, quiet and listen to music, in the peach garden heart repair the fence for chrysanthemum. The green mountains and rivers, clouds, they draw text nutrients, the achievements of the inner qualities, the soul body attached to books and music of fragrant incense. They were quiet, if moving breeze, not who the scenery, also not for who add ink, them both bluestone lanes, the beautiful umbrella girl and romantic, also has the city women's proper wisdom and insight, they calm elegance, clarity clear, in their own years ANN, and vegetation, and fireworks as partners, such as the southern Chinese ink in the quiet beautiful melody.

Women's makeup, light incense, a pregnant tenderness, a lapel pity, be bashful. Where the heart with the water, finally go all the way, leave a Yu transparent and clear, it is elegant, or the moon Duyi, is smiling breeze is graceful. Ying Yi Mou is bright, the dense in heart warm, indirect into gentle, take heart as flowers, love for the leaf, flower and leaf contrast, charm into poetry, bow that is the most gentle, subtle fragrance floating. Dependent landscape, Xu Yihuai tranquil, elegant to the hermit, bend, SCMP, flower tree, with a clean, tap of quiet, let my heart, deep feelings of life, only for one person. Sadads Life is but a span


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